Airbnb Property Developers

Airbnb Property Developers

Short-term Development Management

Airhost group manage your property before and after your DA is approved, with very flexible contracts, only 7 to 14 days notice.

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Property Investment management

We are able to manage your properties both, before and after the DA is approved. We are specialists, therefore we can boost new developments rental yields, and we will give you a guaranteed rent for your old property waiting to be pulled down. All of this with no locks-in contracts.

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Why Choose Us

Airhost makes the property management process easy and affordable for you and you do not need to wait for processes to start as we value your time.

Airbnb Property Managers Brisbane

Guaranteed revenue

Get rental revenue all the way, before and after your DA is approved. You choose the contract length. We only require a 14-day notice to break the contract.

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Airbnb Professionals

Flexible contract

Airhost gives you the contract flexibility that you need. Short-notice period, give us only two weeks to give you back the property.

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Airbnb Team

One point of Contact

Increase your earnings from 30 to 130%. We look after everything, so you do not have to waste a minute dealing with tenants. Hassle free service.

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